Welcome to MendoPedestrian.org!

This is the website for the Mendocino County Pedestrian Needs Assessment and Engineered Feasibility Study. Although it’s a mouthful, this project has a simple goal: to improve sidewalks, paths, and safe crossings in Mendocino County so it’s easier to walk where you need to!

Project Goal

Identify and prioritize pedestrian improvement projects in the incorporated and unincorporated regions of Mendocino County.

It’s a big project, but it’s been boiled down into three steps:

  1. Sweep
    Gather all the existing projects from past and current planning efforts.
  2. Evaluate
    Evaluate the projects. A set of evaluation criteria is being developed based on community input and the State Active Transportation (ATP) evaluation criteria.
  3. Rank
    Develop a prioritized list of projects. Projects will be distributed throughout the uncorporated portions of the County and within each of the four incorporated cities.



The study is being done in two overlapping phases covering the two study areas illustrated in the map. The resulting plans will be incorporated into one combined document. The ranked projects will include projects from all parts of the county.

Project Team & Funding

The Mendo Pedestrian project is funded by Caltrans through the Rural Planning Assistance and Sustainable Communities Transportation Planning Grant funds. Mendocino Council of Governments (MCOG) is administering the project and providing matching funds. The project is conducted in coordination with the Cities of Fort Bragg, Point Arena, Ukiah, and Willits, and the County of Mendocino.

The consultant team is led by TrailPeople and includes GHD Engineers and the Local Government Commission (LGC).